The Premise
Earn more when BTC goes up, lose less when BTC goes down and also make a bit extra in between. You can call it CEX Quant Yield Farming and we have been doing it consistently since 2018.
Current BTC APY ~ 161%
(USD APY ~ 2,309%)
QTL Stats

= $51.67

Current QTL Token Value


Last 24h
131K QTL

QTL Supply Max.

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  • QTL/BTC Evolution Over the Last 6 Months:
    Aug 2020
    +13% vs. USD
    Sep 2020
    +0% vs. USD
    Oct 2020
    +25% vs. USD
    Nov 2020
    +46% vs. USD
    Dec 2020
    +51% vs. USD
    Jan 2021
    +16% vs. USD
On to Business
Quant Lambda is a tokenized, fully autonomous, open-ended crypto fund based on human-assisted quantitative analysis of price action and orderbook movement.
We are a handful of fintech and blockchain enthusiasts brought together by a shared set of values and a passion for the straight-forward nature of computers.
Our goal with the QUANTL platform is to set a definitive benchmark for what tokenized investments should feel like.

Exchanges we trade on :

Love it or hate it, Bitmex is the most established crypto derivatives market. The unique negative market making rebates and efficient API make it the place to be for automated trading.
If there ever was a Godfather of exchanges, Bitfinex would certainly be it. Heavyweight champions of financial wizardry, Bitfinex is guaranteed to cause any trader to voice an opinion.
We can't help ourselves:
Release the Kraken!
OKEx provides both deep liquidity and wide margin to the savvy investor.
Everybody loves Binance! And there's definitely good reason for it.

The QTL Token

Aka the Quant Lambda BTC-LP token

QTL is an ERC-20 Ethereum token and represents the Quant Lambda fund denomination units. Equal in purpose and function to Liquidity Pool tokens, in our case QTL tokens also serve to add real-time operational transparency and automate fund management tasks. Read more here.

Optimized Management System

Token Value Updates
QTL Price is updated to reflect new trading results every 10 minutes. New token transactions are also processed into the system at the same rate.
Fund Unit Pricing
The short token update intervals ensure everyone buying or selling QTL gets fair token pricing, regardless of market conditions or the actions of other token holders.
Open Structure
Tokens can be bought, sold or transferred to a third party freely, at any time, signifying entry or exit from the fund.
High Asset Liquidity
Trading on margin allows us to handle even large fund exit orders without impacting everyone else's interests.

Fair & Transparent Commissions

  • We earn commission on successful trades and lose commission on failed trades, at equal rates.
  • Net trading results are automatically split 70/30 between QTL token value and the trading commission wallet.
  • QTL tokens are added or removed on the trading commission wallet every time we earn or lose commission.
  • Our trading commission wallet and its transactions are public on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • There is no other fee or commission on the QUANTL Platform.
Meet the Team

Hello, World!


He said "QUANTL" for the first time in May 2018.


One of the original fans of Pinescript.


We are fairly certain he thinks in code.


Suspiciously comfortable with large numbers.


Only happy when there's an emergency to sort out.


Likes to bring up work during the Holidays.


She gets deeply immersed in her work.


Does not have a secret crush on Karin.

Governing Principles

Defining Characteristics

Blockchain Auditability

By leveraging the blockchain's immutable nature, we are able to have a report validation system in place, which ensures that our daily activity reports are genuine and unalterable post-declaration.
At the end of every day, a full activity report is automatically compiled, certified through the QUANTL Certification Authority Smart Contract and proof of authenticity uploaded to the Ethereum blockchain. The Certification Authority also allows for past reports to be independently verified at any point in time. Read more here

Functional Autonomy

QUANTL is a self-sufficient project, started and operated with the core team's own private capital contributions.
We will always remain focused on the best interests of our token holders and on expanding blockchain integration into more real-world use cases.

Freedom to Innovate

After a few good years of costly but eye-opening experimenting, we chose the Netherlands as a home for our project, for its progressive stance on crypto businesses, which grants us the freedom to focus on what matters most: product development.


Speculative investments carry significant risk. As an unregulated tokenized fund, QUANTL is not covered by any financial insurance or compensation scheme and you should not invest more than you are willing to risk. Profits accrued as a result of a QTL sale on the QUANTL platform are the same as any other crypto profits and all crypto profits should be declared upon conversion to fiat and due taxes paid in your country of residence in order to promote healthy sleeping habits.